How to Fix Pending Downloads on Google Play

16 Sep

Downloading an application from your Google Play Store is an easy process. But some users are facing problems while they try to download any application on their smartphone. In case you are getting ‘Pending download on Google Play’ error on your smartphone, then you can easily fix this error by following the instructions mentioned below.

Here’s How to Fix Pending Downloads on Google Play

·  Remove the cache from your Google Play

1.   Click on the Settings tab.

2.   Click on the Apps menu.

3.   Choose the Google Play Store option.

4.   It is located on the menu list.

5.   Choose the Storage option.

6.   It is given in the Usage column of the menu.

7.   Click on the Clear cache option.

·  Change the queue

1.   Click on the Play Store on the smartphone.

2.   Click on the Menu symbol.

3.   It resembles a three horizontal lines symbol.

4.   This symbol is located on the left-hand side of the text field.

5.   Select the My apps and games option.

6.   You will get all the applications which are already installed.

7.   Click on the X option.

8. Additionally, press on the Stop option for stopping all of them.

· Delete the account and start adding it once again

1.   Click on the Settings tab.

2.   Go down to the Accounts column.

3.   On your Android phone, click on the Accounts and Backup option.

4.   Click on the Accounts option.

5.   Search for the Google account.

6.   Press on the Google account.

7.   Click on the Remove account option.

8.   Type the Play Store in the search bar.

9.   Type the account details once again,

10. You need to try to install the application.

·  Go through the storage

1.   Click on the Settings tab.

2.   Go down to the Battery and storage option.

3.   Otherwise, click on the Device care option on your latest versions.

4.   Click on the Storage option.

· Check the Time and Date

1.   Open the Settings application.

2.   Click on the General Management option.

3.   Choose the Date and Time option.

4.   In case this option is disabled, then you need to enable the Automatic date and time option.

5.   In case this option is enabled, then you have to disable the Automatic date and time option.

6.   You need to wait for a few seconds.

7.   After that, enable the Automatic date and time option.

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