How to Stream and Get your PC Games on Oculus Quest VR

03 Sep

Want to enjoy your favorite PC games on a gigantic digital display? Just stream them to your Oculus Quest VR. Watching and playing games on Oculus Quest is really an amazing new way of enjoyment. You can easily access and play the VR games onto it. But, sometimes you may also want to experience the enjoyment of your favorite PC games on Oculus Quest VR. You can do so by using Virtual Desktop application and a little bit of setup. Virtual Desktop allows mirroring the desktop to the Oculus Quest VR. Here is how to stream and get your PC games on Oculus Quest VR.

Important: As virtual desktop application doesn’t support crossplay, therefore make sure to get the Virtual Desktop app only from the Oculus Quest Store rather than Oculus Rift Store. Since Oculus Rift Store only provides the desktop version of Virtual Desktop program.

Streaming your PC games to your Oculus Quest VR

The procedure for mirroring your desktop to the Quest VR is straightforward. All you need a Wi-Fi network to connect both the devices to it. And, Virtual Desktop app on your VR and Virtual Desktop Streamer app on your PC. Once these three things are ready, you can go ahead to do a little setup to get your PC games on Oculus Quest VR. Here is how.

1.   First of all, make sure your Quest VR and PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi. If they are not, then connect them to the same network. In order to stream your PC games to the VR, both of them should be on the same network.

2.   Start your Oculus Quest and visit the Quest Store.

3.   Now, purchase and install the ‘Virtual Desktop’ app on your VR.

4.   Launch the ‘Virtual Desktop’ app.

5.   Provide your Oculus username, if it doesn’t take it automatically. Your VR is now fully set up and ready to display your PC screen.

6.   After that, move to your desktop and launch a browser.

7.   Input “” into the address bar and press ‘Enter.’ Doing so directly open the downloading page of Virtual Desktop Streamer in your browser.

8.   Now, click the orange ‘Download Stream App’ button. The Virtual Desktop Streamer setup file (.exe format) instantly starts downloading to your device storage.

9.   Locate the Desktop Streamer setup file (.exe) and run it to install the application on your PC.

10.  Launch the ‘Virtual Desktop Streamer’ application after finishing download.

11.  Click on the Oculus Username field and enter your username.

12.  Customize the options for streaming.

13.  And, click on the ‘Save’ button. You have successfully set up your Virtual Desktop Streamer app on your PC, and it is now ready to mirror your desktop to your VR.

Both the devices are now ready to work, and if everything is perfect, your desktop will immediately stream to your Oculus Quest VR. Now, start the PC games you want to enjoy on virtual reality screen and have fun.

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